Best Advice For Using SEO To Market Kent Based Companies

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SEO or search engine optimisation is used around the world in order to get websites ranked at the top of Google for specific keywords and for Kent based companies, this is no different. This is a highly valuable practice since the higher your website or webpage ranks, the more traffic you’ll get which can then be converted into paying customers or monetised in some other way. This is particularly useful for Kent based businesses or companies as the higher they rank in Google for their business keywords, the more customers they’ll get. However, doing SEO can be quite complicated and we’ll now look at some advice to ensure you can get any website ranked.

Kent SEODIY or Hiring a SEO Agency in Kent

First of all, you will need to either learn how to do SEO yourself or you will need to hire an SEO agency in Kent or freelancer to do your SEO for you. However, even if you opt to hire an agency or freelancer, you should still strive to learn the basics of SEO to ensure that the quality of SEO work you receive is high. This will help prevent your site from getting penalised if the agency or freelancer uses black hat practices or uses old techniques that are now spammy or ineffective.

Link Building to your Kent Business Website

Search Engine OptimisationNow, one of the main SEO tasks that you’ll likely want to get outsourced is link building. There are many different ways to build links, however, it is advisable that you only focus on building white hat links. These are links that Google likes and approves of. They include resource links, Skyscraper links, guest posts etc. In order to get these types of links, you will need to do outreach. This is when you email other sites that are similar to your site or within your niche and ask them to link to your site, post a guest post etc. Outreach within Kent takes a lot of time and energy, which is why you will probably need to outsource it. However, these types of links are very powerful and effective and it is best that you attempt to get links that have a high authority and trust.

You should avoid getting links such as blog comments, profile links, spammy guest posts, pbn links, sape links etc. These are black hat links and even if they are effective at increasing your rankings, they will only do so for a short period, before you site gets a penalty. The risk is definitely not worth it and you should stick to white hat links, especially for a business website.

SEO Audits For You Company in Kent

Another tip is that before you get an SEO work done on your Kent business website, is you should have it audited. This means it should be thoroughly checked out to determine the current issues and what needs to be done SEO-wise. It will help give you a good idea on where to start with your SEO. For example, if your site has many on-page issues, building links will probably not work. You need to have good on-page first and an SEO audit will help you to determine the status of each page.

In summary, once you follow the above advice, you will be able to make effective use of SEO to improve your rankings and traffic from customers in Kent. This will help you to get more customers and your business will only grow more successful over time.

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