Are You Marketing A Fire Risk Assessment Business In Kent? Use This Advice!

Fire Risk Assessment in Kent

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Do you own or operate a fire risk assessment business in Kent? You would think that your services would be very badly needed. Every other business needs to conduct fire assessments on a regular basis, which means that every single other company around Kent should be a prospective customer for your own business. Still, how do you reach out to them? Keep reading for marketing advice you can use to get a fire risk assessment Kent business booming.

Research the Market For Fire Risk Assessments in Kent

Kent Fire Risk AssessmentsThe first thing you should do is to put in the time necessary for doing market research. Even though you might look at everyone needing fire assessments as a potential client, you need to truly understand what the market actually wants. Some might do their own fire assessments, which means you need to figure out why they’d ever want to hire your services. Others might also choose from among many fire assessment businesses, so you need to know what makes yours stand out as the obvious choice.

If at all possible, find out who the best fire assessment businesses are in the Kent market and then learn what they’re doing that makes them so popular. When you know what’s already out there, you might find a new angle to take, or just look at what’s successful and then wind up doing it even better.

Advertise Your Kent Fire Risk Assessment Service

You might think that mailing out advertising would be a great way to go to get the word out about your business, but it’s very rare for marketing materials sent by post to actually wind up in the hands of bosses, leaders, managers, and owners that make the spending decisions. Cold calling over the phone is also not likely to be effective either. What you should do is network personally whenever you can so you can talk to people in power face to face about getting a fire risk assessment done.

When you make such connections, have something to pitch to them. They’re not going to give you a chance out of the goodness of their heart. If you can offer a free assessment or just a discounted one, though, then they might give you an opening. Selling and marketing to other businesses is different than doing so to private consumers. When marketing to consumers, you can take many different angles, such as making them happier, making their life easier, or solving a problem.

When you market to a Kent based business, the only real angle you get is either saving them money or making money. Still, that’s not to say you don’t have a number of potential pitches you can make. Offering your fire risk assessment services might mean freeing up their payroll and/or labour because their own staff won’t have to put the hours in doing it themselves. Your trained professionals can probably do it faster anyway, since you’re experts, as well as obviously better, which can possibly spare the business fines or penalties for not staying up to code. You might even find ways a business can lower its insurance premiums along the way.

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